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This construction firm will send out a very nice older man, bid low on the job requested, take your deposit and never call you again.Do not use them, they took me for $1073.

They also are incorporated under "North Georgia Roofing & Construction LLC" and "Georgia Construction Specialists LLC", you will find similar reviews all over the internet. Stay away from them, owners are Gary Church and Shaun Church.

I found them off but I am sure soon they will be pulled down off that site.Also, some people have hired them and they have come to start the work only to not finish, or worse finish but never pay their subcontractors so they come looking to you for payment after you have paid!

Review about: Services.



If you have been ripped off PLEASE email me, contractors and workers too, my email is below


I also have a similar claim with this company and Shaun Church.We entered into a contract to rebuild my deck.

I paid up front for materials and Shaun, nor the materials, ever showed up. He kept promising he'd be here "tomorrow" for a few weeks and then finally stopped returning calls and texts.

I have already begun to take legal action against Shaun Church.

If anyone has any information regarding this man and/or his company and current illegal business practices please email me at this generic email account:


Nas80, would love it, hit me on twitter at @vanwag22 or email at



Vanwag22 I may have some information you are wanting.


Dear Rick the attorney,

I have been trying to serve your client with papers, surely as his attorney you can accept them, please provide an address or name and city of your firm.Also, your client never offered to return the materials, or would return any of my phone calls once I asked him about his negative online reviews, which was due reason for canceling the contract.

I am happy to discuss a solution where you give me the materials if someone would only return my calls.As to your claim you are suing me, it has been more than a month since your post and no such papers have been served to me, that claim is laughable.


hey shaun you is estupid bro "shaun not paid ,shaun not paid ,shaun not paid labor he is crazy and estupid


Shaun not pay i am hispanic legal in eua i am working for shaun he not payme i take contrat an working for 2 monts i no pay nathing He need pay me 6000 dollars he is check


Hey Shaun, KARMA IS A B....

Not what your Business does, but what you do as a person.. haha asshat


Shaun asked me to come on and make a comment regarding the negativity..I too cancelled a contract..

My job was trim repairs and window replacement on my home.. I gave shaun 6785.00 dollars. I contacted him and let him know that Money had become tight and I would not be able to do the work at this time.. He kindly said he will make a call and cancel the order for the windows and return the trim..

I caught him in time before the windows were made and got my refund back..

Shaun is trustworthy and his prices are good!I will hire him to do this work in the future if he wants to do so...


I am the attorney for this business..Shaun and My Vanwaggnen had a contract..

The consumer cancelled the contract after knowing the contract cancellation clause..: if after a deposit is give and materials are ordered a refund can not be given UNLESS materials can be returned.. In this case, custom gutter covers for his house and specialty trim was all ordered and payed for.. The materials reciept which I do have was totalled at 1276.94 and as you can see this is more than the deposit check.. Shaun also lost money in this issue..

This is a constract issue and does not reflect on shaun. It is being taken to court upon request from shaun.. A signed contract is a binding contract and is plain and simple.. As for other comments on the web, those 4 comments are from one job where a customer did not PAY shaun for a addition on there house.

THe consumer owes shaun 123,567$.

She has signed off on all the paper work as she accepted the job and was pleased with the work, even went as far as recommending and giving him a referrral letter.Shaun and his business are not a bad company to choose and do great work at a great price!


@ revelation construction: did the check have an address on it?


Unfortunately for me is to late!! I was hired by Shaun Church to do a roof, he said he was going to paid me within ten days, after many attempts to collect finally he gave me a check, but it did not have any funds and from there on was just lies,lies and more lies. !!Stay away from this person!!

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